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…nothing left to prove: Dirty Faded


Well, no news here.  Vitabela Dubrovna’s Vita’s Boudoir line has been getting a great deal of press of late, and no wonder…. looky what she can do!  Her Dirty Faded dress is a marvelously textured, classic little dress with a fabulous silhouette—and one that happened to whisper to me that it wanted to funk it up.  So here we go, ready for clubbing.  And hello! the dress moves!  If you’ve ever tried to dance in some of the couture out there, you know just what dirtyfaded2I mean…

…and who I mean.

The jacket, which is really a sort of fuzzy, high collared vest, is a generous former Group Gift from Mix and Match.  The necklace is Naith Smit’s Rock’N’Rolla Chain.  And Mandala’s Lotus Chain Bracelets and Hand Rings are so delicious I may never ever take then off!  Boots are—what else?—the iconic Redgrave Biker Boot.

The other star of the show is LeLutka’s Silvio2 hair, a men’s selection that seemed custom made for this outfit.  The asymmetrical razor cut follows the jaw line neatly and gives a fresh, young look to what could have otherwise been awfully conventional.

So…Huddle me, will ya, babes?



Skin: Pink Fuel <Skye> Milk Beestung
Hair: LeLutka Silvio2 Beach Blond
Eyes: Poetic Colors Summer Hayfield
Tattoo: Aitui Dire Sleeves/fresh
Dress: Vita’s Boudoir Dirty Faded
Jacket: Mix and Match fur jacket- white
Tights: Twosome Cozy Tights-Grey
Boots: Redgrave Girl’s Biker Boots-White
Necklace: Naith Smit‘s Rock’N’Rolla Chain
Piercings: Kanival Lip Pierce and Ear Pierce, modded (freebies)
Gloves: Fleur Gloves Medium Black
Bracelets: Mandala Lotus Chain Bracelet and hand ring

Location: Serenite Gardens


nothing left to prove: Zoots on Menswear

Hey & welcome, Yudisthira Zuta—new contributor on menswear in sl

My mission is just this—to address the concerns of the man who doesn’t want to dress either like a sk8er boy or a DJ wannabe, but rather present an understated, sophisticated persona to the world, and without getting bogged down in endless attachments and accessories. (more…)

Street Rat Bish


I’d have bought the new Gabriel Black Leather jacket for just the hardware and collar alone—bright, clinky chrome rings that glint in the deepest club gloom, and a chic high collar that throws it down like no other.  The leather textures on the jacket are very good too—better in some Windlight presets than others, but then, who of us looks our best in Default?  Not I, certainly, and I look forward to the day I can force the world to see me in my best light.  (Are you listening, Lindens? No?  I thought not.)


The rest of the outfit comes straight out of my closet:  the Sweetest Goodbye skirt with its cunning little hip pockets that echo those on the jacket sleeves, RunoRuno’s peerless knit stockings, the classic Redgrave biker boots.  The hair is Vanity Hair’s Wipeout, an versatile style that, oddly, works as well with LeLutka chic as it does Street Ratwear.  And the sunglasses are Pippo’s Aviator specchio chiara, with the best mirrored lenses on the grid…and cheap? omg!

Gloves are by Digit Darkes, piercings are free from Kanival Tattoo, as it the thumb ring from Mimi’s Choice.

All together they work to make the sort of outfit you could get really real in…



Hair: !Vanity Hair! Wipeout, essence

Skin: Curio Sundust FREX [Light] April-Redbud 1

Jacket:  ::GB:: Jacket_Womens_ Black

Skirt: Sweetest Goodbye Tik Tak-Blue
Boots: Redgrave Girls’ Biker Boots-White
Stockings: RunoRuno Knit Stocking Gray
Tattoo: Aitui– Lover’s Dancing
Gloves: Digit Darkes Driving Gloves-Black
Glasses: Pippo’s Aviator Specchio Chiara
Piercings: Kanival Tattoo Ear Pierce and Lip Pierce (Free)
Necklace: Naith Smit Rock’N’Rolla Chain
Ring:  ::GB: thumb Cross ring  (free)