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Nothing Left to Prove: Now that’s Fashion


Chantkare’s fall line hit the marketplace this week, and it’s the strongest yet–filled with fresh, imaginative clothing, marvelous textures and skillfully constructed scupties. On a grid where…

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…nothing left to prove: Photo (Shop) Play

Aebleskiver stands, stork-like, in the setting sun (having spent far too long in Photo Shop polishing her meager skills) in…

Skin: [LeLutka] Lola sunkissed makeup 1, dark brows (Minnu Palen)
Hair:  Mirai Style Tgcy Pearl, modded within an inch of its life (Mirai Shan)
Eyes: Mutsu Star Eyes, Yellow Gold (Mutsu Fang)
Lips: [LeLutka]-LOLA -Lipstic_Pure Gloss (Minnu Palen)
Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – Dire Sleeves /faded/ II (Jesseaitui Petion)

Top: Berries Inc top dilemma army jacketayer (Summse Sands)
Shorts: *COCO*_CargoShorts(Sahara)_Pants (cocoro Lemon
Armwarmers: Berries Inc arm-warmer army (Summse Sands)
Scarf: Zeerys Color Couture Scarf [] Purple People Eater (Zeerya Pyrithea)
Boots: Zero Number [0N] Wo Boots Gomi Shoes (Mai Runo)
Hat: duboo.grandpa’s army beret (w/badge) [beige] (Newreem Waffle)
Pin: *CentoPallini* Pin Brooch (?)

No textures were harmed in the making of this photo.

…nothing left to prove: Military Chic

Well, it happens sooner or later to every fashionista —one day you look up and suddenly realize you already own everything on the grid.

O! the humanity!

[Aebleskiver Thibedeau reels back against the wall stunned and clings to the draperies for support.]

Times like these call for one thing: Mashups from the Inventory!

Milk Motion’s My Admiral military jacket was among the first in this popular trend, and remains to my mind the best of the lot. Hey! the cut, the detail work, the sculpties…the lining, for God’s sake! It languished too long in my inventory, largely because I first mashed it up with some low rise jeans and boots in a wicked casual look…but I’m not so much of a jeans girl any more, and so when I pulled it out again, I decided to push it the other way.

That meant Coco’s Balloon Pants.  Now, I admit that when I first saw Coco’s Balloon Pants all I could think was “where would I *ever* wear those?”. Slowly but surely, though,  I find them gracing almost every outfit I put together.  Why?  How can you deny that fabulous silhouette?  the layering of those sophisticated textures? those cunning little gold buttons! Sublime!

Riches like these demand Stiletto Moodys Gold.  Now, I’m not a foot fetishist (no, really!), but if I were, Stiletto Moody’s Gold Bare Laurens are where I’d start licking, with their gleaming satin ankle ribbons and peerless gold textures.  Perfect!

Megg Demina’s Chapeau Tres Mignon has long been the source of fabulous hats on the grid.  Here The Napoleonic Military Hat “The Navy”, a charming  little tricorn with gold braid and flowers, finishes off the look with panache. It’s an undeniable fact that the world needs more hats, and I, for one, am always glad to see them appear on the market. More hats, please, creators!

And now it gets embarrassing, because the lovely corset that completes this look is from paper.dolls, but from where or how it came to me, or if it’s even still available, I honestly cannot tell you.  Ah well…such is life!

I salute the creators of these marvelous things, which make all it so easy!

aebleskiverthibedeau.wordpress. com


Details, Details, Details….

Skin: LeLutka IFE pale, makeup 5 (creator:Minnu Palen)
Hair: LeLutka Eclat hair 01/blonde_light (creator:Thora Charron)
Eyes: Poetic Colors Summer-hayfield (creator:Lano Ling)

Jacket: Milk Motion My Admiral (creator:Marie Lauridsen)
Pants: Coco Balloon Pants (creator: cocoro lemon)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Lauren gold (creator: Stiletto Moody)
Hat: Chapeau Tres Mignon
Napoleonic Military Hat “The Navy”
(creator: Megg Demina)
Corset: paper.doll Black Corset (creator: Zoey Gabardini)
Gloves: Fleur Short black (creator:CJ Carnot) (no longer available?)
Earrings: Zaara Suvarna Kundan (creator: Zaara Kohime)
Necklace: Illusions Victoria Choker (Accessories Fair gift) (creator: Siyu Suen)

Bracelet: Uzuri Zamani Bangle (creator: Bella Bombast)
Poses: Del May (creator: Del May)

nothing left to prove: Neo-Orlando

A good friend pointed me to Nibby-licious Boutique last fall, knowing my fondness for mashing diverse elements, and I fell upon the Neo-Elizabeth outfit there almost immediately and set about planning a sort of homage to Virginia Woolf’s iconic androgyne, Orlando.  It got deferred with the holidays, needless to say, and it wasn’t until I popped through Nibby-licious on the Twisted Hunt that I remembered the idea and went on my own hunt in Inventory.  This is the result.

The top is part of the charming Nibby-licious Neo-Elizabeth outfit.  I adore the craftsmanship here.  It moves, for one thing, and moves well, and the shimmer on it is very reminiscent of satin…luxuriously so.  The neck ruff is sublime–perfectly Elizabethan.  I’ve mated it with LeLutka–the Jest Away leggings and the Pompai hair–and Coco’s Knee High Boots, some of the grid’s most worthy. Neo-Elizabeth holds its own.

I’ve added one of Sascha’s Designs Big Belts as a corset (*what* a great value that fatpack turned out to be!) and a past hunt prize from Nibby-licious, the White Cyber Belt, which I gently tinted.

The skin, which is one of the many beta versions of the soon-to-be-released !Imabee Vivian skin that Brendon Papp seems to fling so generously at her happy group members, is the sleeper of this story, providing the bold features and ever so slightly desaturated color palette needed to bring Orlando alive. And Lordy, Lordy–did it ever!  !Imabee skins were almost entirely unknown to me before last week, but I’m hooked now I’ve seen them in action, and I look forward to what the future will bring from Brendon Papp.

*I woke up this morning to discover !Imabee is taking part in the Super Bargain Saturday offerings with a Vivian skin for only L$60.  Saturday only until midnight.


Details, details, details…

Skin: !Imabee beta Vivian, not yet released (creator:Brendon Papp)                   Hair: LeLutka Pompai, powder (creator:Thora Charron)                                       Eyes: *TOXX* Cyborg eyes, Brt Gold Gear/Alum (creator:Jeanni Nishi)               Top: part of Nibby-licious Boutique Neo-Elizabeth outfit (creators:Ged  Larson,Niborrekab Nightfire)                                                                                 Leggings: LeLutka Jest AwayLeggings (past group gift) (creator:Marni Grut) Boots: *Coco* Knee-High Boots (creator:cocoro Lemon)                                Corset Belt: Sascha’s Designs belt silver (creator:Sascha Frangilli)                   Belt: Nibby-licious Boutique White Cyber Belt (tinted) (creator:Juliea Diesel)   Gloves: part of Gauze Requiem outfit (creator:Yukio Ida)                                   Earrings and lip piercing: !Mingo! green croix (creator:Mingo Ugajin)(no  longer available)                                                                                                                 Poses: Del May (creator:Del May)

…nothing left to prove: Butterdish

I went to Butterdish to see what I could see, and got caught up in the tornado, and the flying cows, and Windlight presets–many, many Windlight presets.  But nevermind, it was hells of fun, and I did get one good shot of the Miamai Eona sweater to show you…

Now to me  the numbly coziness of the Eona sweater is the perfect foil for the long, sleek lines of the LeLutka Rockn’ Pants.  Not that the sweater isn’t sophisticated–it sure is!  The textures are superb, and the silhouette is fashion forward and chic.  The cowl neck and full sleeves are just plain yummy, and the way it all works together with the LeLutka gear is so very satisfying.

‘Coz the rest of it is LeLutka–the hair, the skin, the eyelashes.

Everything but the fierce Kookie boots.

It’s snowed out at Butterdish since I was there, and they’ve (thankfully) gotten the cows out of the sky and back in the barn, but do stop by to see the sim.  It’s so worth it!




…nothing left to prove: Solid Gold

The people who know me know I’m in Second Life for the creativity here…the effervescent, irrepressible joy of creation that flows through the grid like an electrical charge. Most of that creativity is cheerfully naive, including my own sad attempts, but every once in a long while you find someone who has found their medium in Second Life, and you rejoice.

I hadn’t really been aware of the new accessories line *Essential Soul* Studio has come out with until now. I knew, of course, of their pose work, but the Metropolis sunglasses were new and enchanted me immediately. Well, for one thing–they’re gold, and I am a complete and utter fool for well done Second Life gold, which is every bit as rare in sl as the real stuff is in first. And this is well done gold, even allowing you the option of several glow settings (including none at all), so you can actually make it luminesce like real gold if you want. I *adore* that.  Without luminescence, sl gold is just plain yellow.

But the really sweet thing about these *ES* Studio sunglasses is they have images of various world-famous skylines you can put on the lenses–Rome, Paris, London, Moscow, Seattle, Cuba, Egypt, and amusingly, a nuclear bomb blast–as well as a plain gold lens, so you can really work the cosmopolite angle to its fullest. I chose Rome for the glasses I’m wearing here–the Colosseum, no less.  So chic!

The hair here is Boon, a line that’s a bit of a sleeper, but with the knack for out-of-the-box styles that don’t stray into fantasy and a really solid sense of color–something that you don’t get in most hair, where lurid seems to be the rule. The shrug and scarf are from the perennial Ibizarre Jumpsuit…many times blogged, the top is part of *Haven Design* Chained Heart outfit, and the pants are, of course, LeLutka.

The necklace is the one and only Shade Throne’s Sex Sells, and the gloves are Bliesen + MaiTai’s charming Vintage Leather Gloves, given out as part of their Down the Chimney hunt gift, and which I found so darling I promptly went out and bought the fat pack. (This is exactly how hunts are supposed to work, isn’t it? Creators offer their best and captivate the consumer who returns clamoring for more? Please, peeps, don’t give me crap!)

The boots are one of Cutea Benelli’s newer offerings, the edgy Grim Bros Cartography Ankle Boot. Take a closer look at these puppies!  Where else can you get this charming design so skillfully done, these stunning textures–this positive wittiness!–and at such a great price too! A little lamp on the toe lighting your way?  A brass telescope for a heel?  Oh, Grim Bros. shoes and boots are the best kept secret on the grid.

My final salute goes to the Baiastice_2009_ Golden Crocodile bag, which is so skillfully done as to take your breath away, like a kick in the head from behind. Now don’t argue with me—-just go look at it inworld, and you’ll see…this ain’t Photoshopping! This the real deal!


…nothing left to prove: Dirty Faded


Well, no news here.  Vitabela Dubrovna’s Vita’s Boudoir line has been getting a great deal of press of late, and no wonder…. looky what she can do!  Her Dirty Faded dress is a marvelously textured, classic little dress with a fabulous silhouette—and one that happened to whisper to me that it wanted to funk it up.  So here we go, ready for clubbing.  And hello! the dress moves!  If you’ve ever tried to dance in some of the couture out there, you know just what dirtyfaded2I mean…

…and who I mean.

The jacket, which is really a sort of fuzzy, high collared vest, is a generous former Group Gift from Mix and Match.  The necklace is Naith Smit’s Rock’N’Rolla Chain.  And Mandala’s Lotus Chain Bracelets and Hand Rings are so delicious I may never ever take then off!  Boots are—what else?—the iconic Redgrave Biker Boot.

The other star of the show is LeLutka’s Silvio2 hair, a men’s selection that seemed custom made for this outfit.  The asymmetrical razor cut follows the jaw line neatly and gives a fresh, young look to what could have otherwise been awfully conventional.

So…Huddle me, will ya, babes?



Skin: Pink Fuel <Skye> Milk Beestung
Hair: LeLutka Silvio2 Beach Blond
Eyes: Poetic Colors Summer Hayfield
Tattoo: Aitui Dire Sleeves/fresh
Dress: Vita’s Boudoir Dirty Faded
Jacket: Mix and Match fur jacket- white
Tights: Twosome Cozy Tights-Grey
Boots: Redgrave Girl’s Biker Boots-White
Necklace: Naith Smit‘s Rock’N’Rolla Chain
Piercings: Kanival Lip Pierce and Ear Pierce, modded (freebies)
Gloves: Fleur Gloves Medium Black
Bracelets: Mandala Lotus Chain Bracelet and hand ring

Location: Serenite Gardens