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The English Countryside

It’s ironic that I meant this blog piece to showcase the new Pink Fuel Skye Milk skin and then promptly proceeded to cover it all up, but the BBB (Beloved Brit Boy) made a prezzie of the Argrace jacket and cap since the weather was getting cooler and all, and what with the new release of the divine Coco Riding Boots…well, Angharad, my Corgi pup, and I soon found ourselves on the scenic Empress and Hierophant sims, herding up a few sheep and looking dewy in the morning mist.


The Pink Fuel Skye Milk series skins have been blogged several times before by others, but I wanted to add my bit because I’m simply mad for them, and for some very good reasons.  They are the only skins I’ve found that even approach my beloved Curio skins, and believe me, I’ve seen a couple skins in my day.

Pink Fuel and Curio skins have a couple things in common that I find noteworthy.  First, they both look *absolutely fabulous* in Default Windlight, unlike other skins.  The Windlight presets are a godsend for photography, but I live in Second Life, and I want to look good all the time, not just in pictures.


And second, Pink Fuel and Curio skins have great expression and, well… *life* to the faces that’s missing in other skins.  There are skins that approach the technical strengths of Pink Fuel and Curio, but all of them offer a bland, neutralized face that reminds me of the blank stare with which a Barbie doll looks out on the world. The Milk series faces are fresh, optimistic and hopeful; the beautiful Curio faces have a touch of poignancy to them….a world weariness if you will. I adore that.

The outfit consists of the new beautifully textured and detailed Argrace Traveler Coat with its own knit top, crowned by the Argrace Hunting Cap. Boom’s Fall Tweed Khaki trousers work perfectly for this job, and then, of course, there are the unparalleled Coco Riding Boots!  I am a boot person and a texture freak, and this, my dears, is what a riding boot looks like!

Time for tea!


Skin: Pink Fuel <Skye> Milk Beestung
Hair: LeLutka  HANNAH Natural Blond

Jacket & top: Argrace Traveler Jacket-Olive green
Trousers: Boom Fall Tweed-Khaki
Cap: Argrace Hunting Cap
Scarf:  Miel Thin Scarf-maroon
Bag: Cube Sugar Checkered Leather Bag
Earrings: Uzuri Quest Earrings
Boots: COCO RidingBoots-Two Tone
Welsh Corgi: A.I. Friend Golden Welsh Corgi
Belt: COCO WideBelt-Brown