Celebrating Fashion in sl

nothing left to prove: Zoots on Menswear

Hey & welcome, Yudisthira Zuta—new contributor on menswear in sl

My mission is just this—to address the concerns of the man who doesn’t want to dress either like a sk8er boy or a DJ wannabe, but rather present an understated, sophisticated persona to the world, and without getting bogged down in endless attachments and accessories.

A classic example of this concept is the SF Designs Autumn Tweed suit. With just three attachments in the entire outfit (and one of those optional), it’s a rare example of what system clothing is supposed to be, but so seldom is. A soft wool tweed texture forms the foundation of the suit, with the jacket options of either a flexi  attachment (shown) or tailored back vents attachment, although it would work just as well without either.  Like those on the sweater,  the jacket attachment options come in two sizes to make fitting simple.

Included with the suit is a realistically detailed wool sweater, whose sophisticated high collar and trendy neckerchief rescue the outfit from fatal stuffiness. The sweater also comes separate from the jacket, and as well as in a untucked version, giving many welcome options. Paired with jeans and great boots, it could make a clean, casual everyday look.

To add sex to the outfit, there are the sleek Redgrave Cowboy Loafers in bronze. The hair is Maitreya Moon, an informal style that contrasts nicely with the highly structured collar on the sweater and with the overall conservativeness of the suit. Together I think they make a chic, urbane look at relatively little cost, either in Lindens or in wear and tear on your editing skills.


Style Card:

Skin: Belleza Johan (old group gift) Belleza
Hair: Maitreya Moon, Almond  Maitreya
Suit: SF Design Autumn Tweed suit, Brown  SF Designs

Shoes: Redgrave Cowboy Loafers, Bronze  Redgrave
Eyes: Shine Arum (freebie)  Shine
Location: Lighthouse Point, Four Bridges


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